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Victoria Concordia Crescit

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Eduardo Empty
PostSubject: Eduardo   Eduardo Empty17/02/09, 06:49 am

We love you Eddie, because you're better now,
We love you Eddie, cos' you'll score somehow,
We love you Eddie, cos' you're Arsenal through and thorugh!
(Yes it did have differnet lyrics once upon a time, but we won't mention that!)
First sung at the Emirates on his return!

And the old favorite-
He joined us when Henry left,
Eddie, Eddie
And scored more goals than Darren Bent
Eddie, Eddie
He broke his leg but now he's back
And Darren Bent is still crap
Eduardo da Silva, Arsenal's Number 9!

Any More?
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Posting like Arsenal Score

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Eduardo Empty
PostSubject: Re: Eduardo   Eduardo Empty17/02/09, 12:17 pm

Were you there too?

Ed-uar-do, Ed-uar-do

(like liverpool, Liverpool)
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